Any parent can understand that caring for a child is a full-time job, even when things are going perfectly. Staying focused on the task can be tricky when things go wrong, such as financial or logistical problems. When a child undergoes a severe health issue, it can be impossible for a family to think without feeling overwhelmed.

Keter Canada, led by CEO Alejandro Pena, recently reached out to connect with the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Canada (RMHCC) to help alleviate families’ burdens when their children fall ill. To supply the Ronald McDonald House location in South Central Ontario with professional equipment and home decor for comfort, Keter has enjoyed some meaningful progress.

Introducing the Ronald McDonald House

If you’ve spent any time at a McDonald’s in recent years, you’ve likely become acquainted with the concept behind the Ronald McDonald House. The non-profit outreach is focused on providing families with a temporary place to stay as they travel to meet the medical needs of an ill child. Ronald McDonald Houses give families a safe and comforting place to stay as they seek solutions for their loved ones.

The Ronald McDonald House in South Central Ontario features the Serenity Garden, a massive outdoor area for families to enjoy while staying with the RMHCC. Keter Canada has sent extensive furniture and home comfort solutions so families can enjoy the space as they see fit.

The Ronald McDonald House is in Canada, with locations in Vancouver, Montreal, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Toronto, and every major city. To help fuel the efforts of these houses, McDonald’s offers events such as McHappy Day to implore donations.

In 2022, McHappy Day they helped to raise more than $5.7 million for children’s charities, including RMHCC.

Different franchisees own different houses, but they work together to meet the needs of various communities.

Introducing Keter Green Spaces

While CEO Alejandro Pena and the team at Keter are focused on their work with Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada, they have also focused on several other endeavors simultaneously Driven by Alejandro Pena’s desire to reduce waste and support communities, Keter Green Spaces has been involved in several msignificantpositive efforts.

Keter Green Spaces works directly with children to teach them the importance of sustainability and how to plant and raise their oardens.

dditionally, Keter has begun working with established European retailers to collect used plastic and other waste materials from their logistics centers. To reduce, reuse, and recycling, Keter always keeps sustainability at the forefront of its mind.

CEO Alejandro Pena continues to target new and improved ways to give back to the community while staying true to its core mission statement.