When running a garage, there are a variety of safety concerns to consider if you’re going to increase employee and customer safety. This is paramount when working in the mechanics and your legal responsibility as an employer to avoid injuries, accidents, and costly damages.

From effective storage solutions to functional floor plans, there are plenty of ways to prioritise safety in your car workshop.


Unorganised tools and equipment not only increase the likelihood of damaging or losing them but also the number of tripping hazards for employees. Investing in the appropriate storage solutions for your workshop will allow you to keep walkways and exits clear, and provide a home for all equipment.

Boltless shelving units provide versatile floor-to-ceiling storage that are cost-effective and easy to install. Other options such as portable tool chests and cabinets can be wheeled across your workspace and can prevent tools from eroding and becoming dangerous to use.

The right equipment

As a mechanic, you are likely going to be dealing with heavy loads, machinery and hazardous chemicals. To reduce the likelihood of an accident or damage occurring, your staff should be supplied with the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) and the right tools for each task.

You can eliminate health and safety hazards with shackles and pallet stackers when working with heavy equipment. Human error and malfunctioning equipment are common causes of workplace accidents and PPE including gloves, eye protection and steel-toed boots can help minimise risks.

Floor plans

You need ample room to move around when working with cars so it’s important to map out our floor plan to make the most of your space. Your floor plan should ensure maximum functionality and safety to increase employee productivity and reduce hazards.

You need to plan out where you are going to set up your storage solutions to keep tools close to hand. Make an overview of everything you have stored in your workshop and evaluate how the layout can be most effective.


Working in the mechanical sector means exposure to hazards during daily tasks such as vapours, loud noises, asbestos, and rotating machinery. Before stepping foot into the workshop, it’s crucial that any new recruits undergo rigorous safety training. This will inform employees on how to identify hazards and perform risk assessments to prevent accidents and injury.

Running regular refresher training will keep your garage compliant with relevant safety laws and regulations. It will also ensure that employees are always up to date with industry developments and meet your legal responsibility as an employer. Investing in the appropriate professional insurance will cover any damages should an accident happen despite your best planning.