Choosing the right CMMS software is a difficult process. There are many different types of software to choose from, and they all have their own pros and cons. If you want to understand what makes a good CMMS system, then this post will help you out.

Read on for some great advice when it comes to picking out your next CMMS solution.

  1. Pricing

You need to figure out the cost of your CMMS software. You can’t just go with the first company that pops up. Some companies have a free trial, while others offer better deals if you sign up for more than one year at a time. This will also give some insight into how long your contract is and what kind of cancellation clause they include in their agreement (if any).

  1. Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the most important qualities to look for in CMMS software. How well does it work with your current system? Can you customize it on the fly? If not, will there be a cost associated with that customization or an additional fee to use the product at all?

The more flexibility and customizability you have available, the easier and faster implementation should go. You cannot predict what changes may happen in your company’s processes over time, so choosing something robust rather than basic might save you from costly upgrades down the line.

  1. Professional Services

We all know that the best CMMS software will be too expensive for a small business to buy. This is where professional services come in.

The service provider can estimate, budget, and implement the right systems needed to help your company grow. Professional services are not just limited to implementation; it’s also about maintenance and sustaining performance once everything is up-and-running on its own.

  1. Data Conversion

Data conversion is the extent to which your data can be converted into a new system. You want to ensure that any organization’s data you are moving from one software package to another gets seamlessly migrated with little or no loss of information.

  1. Mobile Access

Mobile access is not a feature you should overlook when looking at CMMS software. Mobile devices are the future of work, and it can be difficult to function without them, especially if your company has a BYOD policy that allows employees to use their own phones for business purposes.

It’s important to find out how many mobile apps an application offers so you know what will work well with the phone or tablet you’re using in the office. Some programs offer up to five customized mobile modules per device type!

  1. Training And Implementation

A thorough training for the software is necessary to get a good return on investment. The tutorial should teach you all about how to use the program and its technical aspects, but an in-depth lesson will also be beneficial as it will enable you to identify potential problems that may arise with future updates or changes in company policies.

An implementation specialist can help streamline this process by examining your needs before any customizations are made so they fit what you need and avoid getting lost in features which aren’t needed at all.


When looking for CMMS software to purchase, it is important that you take the time to research and understand your needs. You should evaluate all of the features offered by each system before purchasing a product so that you know what will work best for your organization.