Mattresses used by the Premier Inn are exclusively manufactured by Hypnos and provide the highest level of comfort for a good sleep. These mattresses are made of springs, and provide a nice bounce. Many users acknowledge that Premier Inn mattresses offer true quality, comfort and style. These mattresses have a design comprising of 1000 individual pocket springs with a layer of wool for keeping a person warm especially in the winter season. Any Premier Inn mattress is completely hypoallergenic and tufted well to hold the upholstery in place. Moreover, mattresses used by Premier Inn are quite firm. Read on to gain some insight into these products below.

Reasons for the Wide Usage of Premier Inn Mattresses in Hotels

According to Premier Inn, normal beds are not durable enough to function for years but such mattresses have resulted in offering high performance for years. The long-lasting feature presented by Hypnos is extraordinary enough to make a contract mattress survive for more than 5 years. Generally, people arrive in and check out from hotels in a few day, and therefore there can be a huge turnover of guests in one room over a period of time leading to wear of the mattress and the resulting cost of buying a new one. Premier Inn mattresses can last longer than expected and can be bought at reasonable prices. If you have purchased such a mattress recently for your hotel, you won’t have to change it for more than 5 years.

Such a mattress is also intended to enhance a person’s sleep after a long and tiring travel schedule. The springs of such a mattress are built to perform their best for providing comfort to every person utilising it. As a result, one can get just the right amount of resistance whilst asleep and have the highest level of comfort.

Premier Inn mattresses are great choices for customers of all types, be it hotel owners or homeowners. These mattresses can also offer a high level of comfort to children. Premier Inn mattresses carry more durability and flexibility because they are designed especially for providing comfortable sleep.

Hotels owners should consider opting for the mattresses used by Premier Inn if they want to offer highly comfortable experiences to their customers. These are proven products that can be relied upon for years by users around the world. If comfort and convenience are priorities, Premier Inn mattresses by Hypnos are the best options.