Gas fireplaces are rapidly becoming one of the most popular and chic heating solutions. Indoor/outdoor models take this to another, thoroughly modern level. Their innovative design allows you to enjoy a beautiful fireplace no matter where they are, inside the home or out on the grounds. Here are three major reasons to consider an indoor/outdoor gas fireplace for your house:

A Unique Look

These fireplaces tunnel through an exterior facing wall. This design lets you enjoy the beautiful flames and sleek lines of the unit through two viewing windows. Indoor/outdoor fireplaces are at the cutting edge of house design trends. Because of their versatility, no two properties with one will look alike. That gives your home a unique look.

A Great Value

Indoor/outdoor models have the function of two fireplaces built into one. Instead of investing in an indoor model and an outdoor-only design, both of which have limitations on where they can be placed, you can just buy a single unit. This offers homeowners exceptional value for their investment. Additionally, these fireplaces add undeniable appeal to potential home buyers. A gas fireplace can give you a powerful edge over the competition even in a tricky market.

Flexibility of Design and Use

These gas fireplaces can be placed through virtually any exterior wall. This lets you create the look of your dream home without the design restraints of other models. People have used indoor/outdoor units to brighten patios, pool areas, or create visual focal points under artwork and televisions. Another advantage of these fireplaces is, when not in use, they function like any other window. This means you can enjoy the fireplace year-round, even in warmer months.

Six More Advantages

  1. These fireplaces are sturdily built. They are designed to resist the elements even in the case of severe weather.
  2. They are available in a wide range of shapes, styles, and sizes.
  3. Indoor/outdoor units can be operated at the touch of a button.
  4. Unlike wood-burning fireplaces, these will maintain a constant temperature.
  5. They run on affordable, environmentally friendly fuel. This fuel does not produce smoke or buildup.
  6. Gas fireplaces need to be serviced and maintained less often than wood-burning models.

Quality Fireplaces From a Reliable Supplier

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