As an Airtel user, there is nothing simpler than doing the prepaid mobile recharge. We outline the steps you need to follow.

The very first mobile phone users in the country had a keen liking for prepaid connections. Those were the days when calls were expensive and users were charged even for incoming calls. Postpaid connections were taken only by businesspersons in those days.

Over the years, as more mobile service operators entered the market and offered more variety to users, the dynamics of the prepaid and postpaid connections changed completely. Incoming calls were made free by all providers one after another. Texting also became much cheaper, followed by a drop in charges for outgoing and roaming calls. Later, the Internet made an entry in the mobile phone environment, further prompting providers to offer a complex web of services to users.

Today, leading service providers like Airtel offer unlimited free calling and scores of free texts every day, apart from large volumes of monthly data on their prepaid and postpaid connections. There is very little to distinguish between prepaid and postpaid connections today, save for the fact that the former requires a mobile recharge every month to keep the connection active.

If you are a new prepaid user, it is time for you to do the easy recharge on your phone. The mobile recharge is the easiest task in the world if you have an Airtel prepaid connection. These are the steps you must follow for the Airtel mobile recharge:

You can do the easy mobile recharge over the Airtel website or using the myAirtel app on your phone. Choose one of the two options to proceed.

When recharging the connection using the Airtel website, look for the words ‘Prepaid recharge’ and enter your 10-digit Airtel number and email ID. Now click ‘Select Recharge’ to study your recharge summary and enter the amount of money you wish to recharge the connection with. Next, select the payment option (Airtel Money, debit or credit cards or Net banking) and finish paying. The easy mobile recharge is complete.

If you recharge using the myAirtel app, select ‘Prepaid recharge’ and study the available balance on the connection. Your 10-digit Airtel number will show up on the screen. At this point, you can choose a quick recharge option (for Rs 100, Rs 200, Rs 249, etc.) or choose the payment option (Airtel money, cards, net banking). Now click on ‘Recharge now’ and enter the recharge amount you wish to pay.

Your mobile recharge is now done. Once the recharge is done, you can continue to use the phone as you always do, with all plan features intact.

The mobile service provider will inform you when the balance has gone low on your connection, and the recharge date. Do pay attention to these alerts or your outgoing calls, Internet access and texts may get barred temporarily. These are restored on recharging the connection.