Nowadays, most people seek cosmetic procedures to improve their looks. These include breast enlarging augmentation, skin resurfacing, acne and wrinkle removal, and many more. Physicians use cosmetic lasers for such procedures, and the device’s efficiency can significantly impact the surgery results. It’s then advisable to acquire products from leading brands:

Check out the most popular cosmetic laser brands:

  1. Alma 

Alma is a reputed innovator and manufacturer of both medical and cosmetic lasers. It tops the list of the leading medical aesthetic companies globally and uses modern technologies to deliver the most efficient laser equipment. The leading cosmetic Alma Lasers include the Soprano Hair Removal, Accent prime, Harmony, and many more. Alma lasers are certified by in-house technicians, and you can be sure of quality whether buying new or used lasers.

  1. Candela

The candela company was founded in 1970 in Boston and is a major manufacturer of laser equipment. The company has been servicing and selling medical and cosmetic lasers in over 90 countries worldwide. The company is famous for giving practitioners the means to perform successful procedures. It manufactured the first laser machine for hair removal with an inbuilt cooling device using cryogen.

  1. Lutronic

Lutronic is a renowned innovator in aesthetic and medical lasers. The company was established in Korea and has been in existence for over 20 years. Lutronic is committed to improving the medical field by offering robust, versatile, yet cost-effective devices. All their systems are customized to optimize the outcomes of various conditions, including tattoo removal, hair removal, wrinkle reduction, and skin rejuvenation.

  1. Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge company offers non-pharmacological and non-invasive laser solutions for different conditions. These include; for pain relief, wound healing, and tissue regeneration. It boasts close to 20 years of offering cutting-edge technology and selling high-quality products. Cutting Edge strives to offer the best customer experience and ensure that all patients enjoy a normal life no matter their condition.

  1. Lumenis

Lumenis is a global leader in the manufacture of aesthetic solutions. The company was launched in 1966 and sells lasers, light-based systems, and other accessories for surgical and aesthetic applications.

 Lumenis lasers are highly effective for the treatment of different skin conditions and hair removal. One of its top products is the Stellar M22, an innovative multi-application able to treat over 30 skin conditions.

  1. Palomar

Palomar Inc is an international cosmetic laser firm and is one of the leading laser firms in the US. It’s renowned for its high-quality laser systems for dermatological and cosmetic laser treatments like hair removal, acne, age spots, scars, skin resurfacing, and wrinkle treatment.

  1. Sciton

Sciton creates advanced lasers and light sources for both medial and aesthetic markets. The company has over a decade of offering quality laser systems with unparalleled efficacy and speed. Sciton lasers can perform various non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures and allow physicians to customize the systems to perform multiple applications.

Moreover, the company offers multiple laser applications to cater to different skin types, color, and conditions. It also boasts extensive research to back each of its products.

In summary

There are various cosmetic laser brands available in the market. To get superior quality lasers, only acquire products from accredited manufacturers or vendors. This way, you can be sure to offer efficient services to clients seeking cosmetic laser services.