It’s crucial that children learn about fire safety from a young age. That’s because you never know when tragedy may strike, and it’s important to have them be informed about what steps to take if there is a fire. Children who learn fire safety tips early on take those tips with them into adulthood. They learn how to prevent fires, signs to look for, and how to deal if they find themselves face-to-face with fire.

When Should Children Learn?

Children are capable of learning about fires from a very young age. Around the age of four, children will begin learning about fire safety in school. They are taught where to go in case of a fire. These are tips that you can also teach them at home. Children need to learn that unattended flames or heat sources can create a dangerous fire. That way, they know to point out something that doesn’t look right. If they see a candle still burning at bedtime, they should know to tell an adult. By learning early on, a home has another set of eyes to keep the family safe. Jims Fire Safety is one of many resources for fireproofing your home before tragedy ever strikes.

Create a Fire Plan

All families need a fire safety plan in place. This is a plan which outlines exactly what to do in case of an emergency. A family should have one written down that they review periodically with their children. The plan should highlight what entrances a child can go through in case of fire, who they should call, and where they should meet once they’re out of the home. If there is a trustworthy neighbor nearby, children should be instructed to go there to get help. Children also need to learn that there is no time to grab personal belongings and that their safety takes priority.

Teaching Everyday Tips to Keep Kids Safe

Children can be reminded of fire safety tips each and every day. If you’re replacing smoke detector batteries, show kids how that works. Remind your family that unattended cooking materials should never be left on the stove and that ovens shouldn’t be left on when no one is home. Remind your child that if they see smoke or flames, they need to tell an adult right away. Children also should know how to dial 911 in case of an emergency. Another important reminder is that doors should be shut at night to prevent the spread of fire while they’re sleeping.

Good Habits Last a Lifetime

Overall, building good fire safety habits is a must. You need to take care of your home to make sure that measures are in place to prevent fires. Not all fires are preventable, however, and that’s why your family needs a plan in place. Teaching your whole family about fire safety will help to keep everyone safe. That way, children know what to look for, where to go, and who to call if there ever is a fire.