Moving is usually pretty stressful and time-consuming. Moving an entire office just skyrockets the level of stress, not to mention the careful planning and the risks it involves. The average office move takes about 12 months in Canada, but it can be longer or shorter, depending on the choices you make along the way. Commercial moving companies in Toronto, such as Let’s Get Moving, can decrease that time even by 25-50%. Choose wisely when you decide which commercial moving services to get and half of the work is already done!

Find a new space one year in advance

And before you say anything, no, one year is not too long for this. The bigger the office, the more time you should allocate to this endeavour. Growing businesses will surely be in this situation every now and then, since the need for bigger spaces will appear every now and then. Finding a new space is the first step you take when planning an office move. It is not always easy to find the best option for you and your entire team, so leave enough time for this! Consider the location, whether or not it is reachable by public transport, and whether it is urban or suburban. The rent price is also relevant. Of course, it will be easier for smaller businesses to find a new commercial space than it will be for medium-sized or large businesses to do so. Before you find your new office space, you will not even be able to contact your commercial office movers Toronto for a cost estimate. So get everything together and take care of this task, even though it is not the most pleasant! Things get much easier afterwards.

Announce your relocation

And we mean announce this to everyone. All your employees and collaborators have to hear the news in due time. Especially since they will also have to cooperate in the process. A simple staff meeting will do the job for a small to a mid-sized moving company. Make sure you have a plan by the time the meeting starts. Your staff should have the chance to offer their input, but the main plan here is still up to you to decide and coordinate. This way, your moving process will be smoother and the level of stress will be significantly decreased. In the likely case where some of your employees will have to change their route or their commute to work, knowing about the changes in advance will help. And don’t worry. If your employer branding is solid enough, no one will quit their job simply because of this relocation. As commercial office movers in Toronto, Let’s Get Moving has helped relocate hundreds of businesses of all kinds over the years. It wasn’t often at all that one of the business owners or managers complained about losing their staff because of the relocation. So, really, don’t worry about this.

Book a move with professionals

While we admit our opinion might be biased, we never advise people to move without the help of professional movers. Relocations are complicated and stressful as they are, so don’t make your life even harder by managing them all by yourself. Hire a professional commercial moving company in Toronto to help you out! If you choose a company with experience in corporate moves, the whole event will finish before you even realize it. Just choose a reputable Toronto commercial moving service and don’t take any risks! You don’t want your expensive devices and appliances to be handled by rookies. Whereas for the packing part, you can also externalize the job and leave it in the hand of professionals. Many Toronto office movers also provide professional packing services, and you will be amazed by how good some of their prices are. The operators will answer all of your questions, so make sure the movers you choose meet all your expectations and needs. Some periods are much busier than others, which is why we strongly recommend you book a commercial move at least four weeks before the big event. You don’t really want to risk having to hire last-minute movers for such an important job, do you?

Let’s Get Moving is one of the most popular commercial moving companies in Toronto. We have been active at a local and regional level for over a decade now, managing hundreds of commercial moves every year. We are fully licensed and all our movers are properly trained. Whether we talk about complex computer systems and servers, delicate electronics, laboratory equipment, expensive artwork, or other fragile items, we are fully prepared to pack and relocate them. And in case you need storage, as well, you can rent one of our temperature-controlled storage facilities in Toronto. We promise, our Toronto professional office movers will make your life much easier and will provide you with a smooth relocation process, regardless of the size of the move we are talking about. Get in touch with us today!