Basketball is a fun game that attracts players from all parts of the globe. However, the type of flooring determines your play experience. It can affect your health immensely, and this is why many people are now embracing hardwood basketball flooring. Hardwood flooring boasts of many benefits; it’s durable and improves a player’s health and playability.

 Why is maple common in basketball arenas?

Maple boasts of a light natural finish and clean surface. It’s a perfect choice for large spaces that require consistency due to its subtle grain pattern. You’ll learn of the types and benefits of basketball hardwood floors from, and maple is quite popular.

 It’s highly resistant to scratches and dents, which makes it an excellent option for sports flooring. That’s not all, though! Maple has fantastic insulation properties and is flexible when it comes to expansion and trimming.

 How does hardwood basketball flooring benefit a player’s health?

  1. Minimal risk to allergens

Hardwood doesn’t harbor pollutants, dust, mite, or pollen. All these can lead to allergies allergic related ailments. Hardwood then ensures better health for players who would instead spend a lot of money on allergy-related illnesses.

  1. Easy maintenance& Disinfection

 Most people fancy hardwood flooring due to easy maintenance and cleaning. It’s easy to clean and disinfect hardwood flooring using the various antibacterial cleaners available in the market. With a simple wipe, you’ll leave your floor clean and germ-free. And this eliminates many disease-causing pathogens.

Easy cleaning also alleviates dirt and grime, thus improving air quality during play. Also, hardwood flooring doesn’t feature grout lines like tiles which can harbor dust and allergens.

  1. 3. Minimal risk of injuries

 Hardwood floors feature excellent shock-absorbing properties. They are great choices for sporting halls and home gyms. It’s also very comfortable, which reduces the risk of injuries. This improves the player’s health and enhances performance.

Sports hardwood flooring features multiple characteristics which help avoid injuries;

These are

  • Shock absorption

 Hardwood basketball flooring has excellent shock absorption properties, which help protect your body, joints, ligaments, and tendons. Such floors minimize the impact of force during gaming activities.

  • Proper vertical deformation

Vertical deformation is the extent to which the playing surface gives your underfoot while playing. Very soft play surfaces offer high vertical deformation, which sucks a lot of energy from an athlete. Lack of adequate vertical deformation can lead to severe injuries during sporting activities. However, hardwood sports flooring is designed to offer proper vertical deformation. And this ensures adequate compression for your foot impact when plying.

  • Better traction& safety

Having the right traction helps you avoid slips, falls, injuries and achieve peak performance. Hardwood is one of the compliant sports surfaces with proper sliding coefficient values. Maple and synthetic floors have the right traction levels and are suitable for most sporting activities.

The bottom line

Hardwood basketball flooring comes with numerous gains and improves a player’s health in many ways. Such floors ensure proper traction, stability, and comfort. And this helps avoid slips and falls, which could cause severe injuries to players. If you’re seeking quality basketball flooring for your sporting area, only source it from accredited manufacturers to ensure quality products.