Sometimes, you can immediately tell if your interview has not gone well. Perhaps you said something you wish you could take back or the interviewer gives awkward smiles whenever you give small talks. Being able to know whether or not you aced your interview can help you know what to expect and more forward to the next. Below are some signs you did great on your interview:

The Interviewer Asks you what Made You Interested in the Job Offer

If the interviewer does this, this could mean they think you are a good candidate and that they want to test out how serious you are about the position. It could also be a good sign if they ask you where else you are interviewing.

They Invite to the Next Round of Interviews

Being invited to the second round of interviews is a positive sign you aced the first stage. But, make sure you make all necessary preparation for the next stage. This means you should not think you have a job offer on the table already.

The Interview Goes Long

Although short interviews are not always deal breakers, interviews that go longer than the allotted time may mean they are interested enough to know more about you and how you fit the open position. Long conversations point to a good level of engagement.

The Interview Does a Deep Dive into the Specifics of the Job

The majority of interviewers will offer an overview of the open position so you will understand the job. However, when they go into the daily job specifications, this could suggest they see you as a great fit.

They Respond to your Thank You Note

Whatever the result of the interview, you must send out a thank you note. But, the interviewers are not obliged to respond to your letter. In case you send your note and they give you a response, this means they engage in the process. In fact, they make specific references to a point you discussed with them.

Waiting for the result of the interview can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences you can have when you hunt for a job. In case you leave the interview room with any of the positive outcomes cited above, you can feel reassured that things went well and that you might be on the right track for a second interview.

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