In the career of aviation, there are so many training options that are being created to offer the candidates better guidance. Talking of which, there is an air carrier package that consists of the different modules. These modules can help to meet the training needs of the available Federal regulations like 135 subpart K, 135.331, 135.351, and FAA Order 8900.1, to name some. Every module consists of the exam that helps in meeting the testing needs of part 135. With the part 135 training online, the FAA-approved training program, Standard Operating Procedures, Security Manual, and Hazmat are covered. Such modules, to be precise, can deliver the best result with a great learning experience.

Know more about the Part 135 training online:

While subscribing to part 135 training online, it is obvious to wonder if this one can meet the specific requirements. Well, the good news is, this type of training can be customized as per the requirements. To make sure the CTS package is restrictive, the experts offer the best of the training courses. It thus can help in assisting in the present course and therefore meet the needs while aligning the training manual to the CTS.

The 135 indoc package delivery solution is one interactive training session that fits within the budget too. It has been designed to meet the FAA training and other testing needs like 135. 293. There is no specific room for conducting the part 135 training online. The whole course is completed anywhere as long the students have got good internet and working computer service.

Further, the course requires the compatibility of other devices so that it is mobile-friendly and can be accessed from any location and whenever the flight path is chosen. It does not matter whether it is the pilot lounge, hotel, or home; this training has been designed for better accessibly and easy navigation of the assigned curriculum.

Know how the overall training works:

To finish the whole training, there is an initial training template has been created. Besides, some other things consist of the Flight Operations Manual subject or the customized General Operations Manual that further can help in finishing up the existing course. Besides, some steps have been involved that need to be followed systematically.

Step 1

The process begins with a good setup of the online training using the in-depth analysis that is being made for the whole training program. There is a mapping of the modules done post the customization so that training needs are met. It also helps in setting up the online training to make sure both the time and required content needs are met in the proper manner.

Step 2

In case the student chooses the advanced aircrew academy as the online training provider then it is important to send the subject matter expert conducting this type of training the Ops specs or the GOM specs. This way, it would help the subject matter expert to start with the overall process of customization. The modules will be taken, and then there will be the integration of the operation-specific process.  Suppose the curriculum shall have how to log the VOR check along with FAR 91.171. Since it is the operator-specific balance and weight method, there will be the addition of the same along with the approved way of submitting the load manifests.

The experts would further follow the process for each module that is a part of the online training. The output is eventually the training program. It may not be the off-the-shelf generic part 135 training. However, the POI shall have the best scope to log in and see the customized module as part of the overall process of approval. It is also expected that there are some operations and aircraft images request send so that training can be done in a more personalized manner. Besides, it is also important to create an exclusive portal to log in to the training so that further operations can be conducted.

Step 3

In less than 9-10 days, the whole customized training would be ready to be used. There will also be Principal Operations Inspectors’ approval from across the country to go ahead with such a training program. The stress would be made more on the particular process of the operator.


To ensure the training course offered is best suitable for the candidate it includes:

  • Hazmat Products
  • Dangerous Goods (May or May not Carry )
  • Emergency Situations and Emergency Drill (by Demonstration)
  • Operator and Airman Specific
  • Pilot In Command (PIC)
  • International Procedures
  • Second In Command (SIC) Basic Indoctrination
  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Security

There are also some specialty-based Curriculums such as:

  • Electronic Flight Bag (EFB
  • Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS
  • Performance-Based Navigation
  • Land and Hold Short Operations
  • Present Training

The platform flexibility for the modules is created to make the integration of the operator-based process in the material. This eventually allows maintaining the items that are FAA-based and the changing process.  This type of training module covers different sections of the initial 8900 section. On a yearly basis, the modules are updated with some changes to be made in the manual or the content. The focus is made on changing the modules so that pilots don’t have to follow the same module each year.


Part 135 training online course is for those who wish to under the computer training system. It however requires some important materials that could meet the training needs. There are so many pilots who rely on such type of training but feel the need to visit the training center. But thanks to the internet and online options, it is possible to tend the training from any location and get the updated certified with the best quality web courses. This, of course, would help in their aviation career.