While designing your home, you must choose the colours very carefully. Colours play a crucial role in setting the mood and tone of the room. There are various colour combinations for living rooms or bedrooms you can opt for to create an appealing look. However, it can be quite difficult if you lack interior designing knowledge and also, do not hire a professional. Many people often end up choosing the wrong colour combinations for their living rooms or bedrooms that diminish the overall appeal of your home. If you are not an expert and also, do not hire a professional, here are a common few mistakes that you should avoid:

01 of 06 Do not follow any trend blindly

There are so many new home designing trends coming in every year. People often follow these home designing styles blindly and start replacing all the items to keep up with the trends. Experts strictly suggest against it. If you want to give your home a trendy look, consider only adding a few accent pieces and making a subtle statement instead of going all out. This is because you should give your preferences the first priority. It will help to ensure that you feel comfortable in your home. For instance, you should not choose a violet home painting design if you do not like the colour. Before making any decision, put some thought into it. Otherwise, you may end up making expensive mistakes.

02 of 06 Choosing too many similar colours

Choosing matching colours for your home painting design is quite common. It helps to create a unified look that gives your home a more spacious and open look. However, you must never go overboard with it. Using only matching colours can make the interiors fall float. You should consider introducing pops of a few contrasting colours. This will help to add more visual interest to the interiors. If you do not want to add contrasting colours, you can opt for a different shade of the same colours.

03 of 06 Adding bold colours everywhere

Many people love bold colours and add various colours to every room. Although the homeowner may like it, the house design will appear very awkward. Hence, you must refrain from doing so. If you like loud colours and to introduce them to your interiors, you must never go overboard with them. Be subtle and add a few loud colours to some small areas. Only by maintaining the right balance while choosing colours, can you create a great home interior design.

04 of 06 Applying only white to your ceiling

While painting the home interiors, most people focus only on the walls. People either forget about the ceiling or consider it trivial. This should not be the case because the ceiling offers a huge surface area for you to paint. Hence, the colour you choose for the ceiling will have a huge impact on the overall room design. Although white is a great option as it can make the interiors appear larger and brighter, it can make the interiors appear a little boring. If you want to add more visual interest to the home interiors, you can consider creating an amazing accent ceiling design.

05 of 06 Not following the 60-30-10 rule

This is a golden rule that most interior designers follow while choosing the colour combination of any room. Although you can always bend the rules and experiment with different colour combinations, it is better to follow this rule if you are not an expert with years of experience. According to this rule, 60 percent of the room should be painted with the dominant colour, 30 percent of the room should be painted with a secondary colour, and the rest 10 percent should be painted with accent colours. You will be able to create a beautiful colour combination in your living room or bedroom by following this technique.

06 of 06 Not paying attention to lighting

Lighting has a very huge impact on your home interiors. When choosing the colours for your room, you must consider the lighting as well. This is because a colour may appear different under different types of lights. For instance, a colour may appear bright under sunlight but will appear boring under artificial or dull lights. Hence, the appeal of the room will diminish and your room will not appear the way you imagined it. It is always advisable to perform a swatch test on a part of the wall to determine if it will appear appealing or not. This will allow you to choose the right colour combinations for your home interior design.