There are different types of condoms, and merely the condom price cannot determine which one you select.

As more and more people in the country experiment with sex and become sexually active at an earlier age, it is important to underline the importance of safe sex for all. Safe sex is the practice of having sex without endangering the sexual health or life of either partner. A condom is the best and most important part of your safe sex arsenal.

Wearing a condom for sex

Though there are many ways of both male and female contraception, the condom is the easiest and quickest way to get the job done. Unlike the side effects and care associated with surgical procedures for contraception, condoms don’t have any side effects and they are completely safe for use by all.

Besides, the best condoms significantly cut down the risk associated with unprotected sex. They are available for sale at the neighbourhood pharmacy or on the manufacturer’s website.

Know the different types of condoms

Most men tend to pick the first condoms they find at the pharmacy. Buying the condom in full view of other customers and the pharmacist can be quite embarrassing, and you just want to rush out of there as soon as possible. But this can result in you buying the wrong type of condom, and even the wrong size.

  • The condom must fit your penis snugly, without being too tight or too loose. Picking the right size is important, so that it doesn’t tear or slip off during sex. The perfect fit also feels great on the penis, and can enhance pleasure.
  • There are different kinds of condoms from leading companies, with the condoms priced as per the number of units per pack and their function. You can experiment with the different types: flavoured, thin, ribbed and dotted, and also performance condoms, to find the one that is most exciting for sex.
  • Do take your partner’s inputs into account when buying condoms. Certain condoms may create novel and exciting sensations for her, so those are preferable. Thin condoms give the feeling of natural skin-on-skin contact, so it enhances pleasure for both partners.
  • The condom price is certainly important, but it cannot be the determining factor in your purchase. It is wrong to believe that only expensive condoms are worth the investment. What is more important is the manufacturer’s credentials, if the condom has been thoroughly tested for quality, if it is available for sale online, and whether it delivers on its promises.
  • Always insist on wearing a condom, even if your woman is okay going without it. You don’t want to have an unwanted pregnancy on your hands, nor do you want to transfer or get STDs or STIs during sex.
  • A condom is the best way to have safe and responsible sex with a consenting adult.