Microsoft Access has been associated with the MS Office suite and is available with specific subscription packages. It is a great database system that helps businesses and people capture, manage, and create data reports efficiently and quickly. If you are wondering if the system is ideal for your needs then check the advantages and disadvantages. It will help you make an informed decision.


  • No need to be tech-savvy – Microsoft Access online is easy quick to download and install. It takes a few minutes and users can enjoy a fully functional database. There is no need to use complicated programming, so non-tech personnel can make the most of the information the system gathers.
  • Compatible – Anything Window-based is compatible to integrate with an online access application. It includes Oracle, SQL, and Sybase for the back-end or front-end tables. Maintaining is much easy than the other systems using large database apps.
  • Better storage – Multiple GB of information can be stored and you can even allow multiple users on one access application. There have been ten users within a network working at once on the access application.
  • Import of data is possible – All the collected data is imported into MS Access. The amount taken is similar to when you initially installed it. As everything is saved in a single place by Access, a simple backup solution is easy.

  • Affordable – Microsoft Access is more economical than other large database systems available. Many businesses have already invested in the professional office product suite, so there is no need to spend. You can start using it instantly if you are not employing it and enjoy the advantages.
  • Easy remote access – If there is remote user access, you can have simultaneous connection limitations. However, in this way you can offer total control and functionality to database managers for telecommuting.

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  • There are file size limitations at a point for inputting data in the database, which can be unviable for extremely huge data users.
  • As all the data is saved in a single file, the program performance slows. Reports can take some time to generate as well as share. On some computers, forms and queries can cause crashing dilemmas.
  • Multimedia data takes plenty of space, so it cannot be incorporated into Microsoft Access [one-file saving problem].
  • If you need instant data to use and share then Access is not correct. Access can be perceived as a long-term database for metric evaluation and data mining.
  • The sensitive database needs to undergo wide security protocols, so use Access on SQL server as front-end.
  • Sharing among multiple Windows OS or mixed OS users can increase the possibility of corrupting the database.

However, the customized and updates MS Access online version included a potent WorkMap feature allowing to create modern database app, which the whole team can gain access from across the world. Visit HyperOffice and get started!