All of us will agree that nothing can refresh us better than some good quality food. However, did you know that food is even used in spa treatment? Well, using food products for relaxing spa treatment is not something very common, but it is not even something that no one has really ever heard of. Till date, many beauty product manufacturers claim to use fruits and natural oils in their products. However, to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment, spas have started using food products too.

Here we have mentioned a list of some foods which are used in high class spas like Strom Spa in Quebec. Go through them to know what they are and how they work…

List of foods used in spa treatments: 

Coffee: Yes, your beloved coffee is used in several spa treatments. It is very good for your skin and thus is used as a very reliable body exfoliator. Using coffee as a scrub not only exfoliates the skin, but also improves the blood circulation. Lastly, you can never argue with the amazing aroma of freshly crushed coffee beans, it in fact provides relaxation too.

Chocolate: Chocolate is full of anti-oxidants, which are great for your skin. Additionally, thanks to the amazing scent of chocolate, which can boost the endorphins in your body and make you feel just too good?

Milk and honey: Treatments involving milk and honey are pretty popular around the globe. Milk has great hydrating properties. Besides, the lactic acid in it helps in making the skin look gentle, healthier, and cleaner. Also, honey, a rich anti-oxidant, works wonder when used along milk and other products. Honey is well-known to lock moisture in the skin.

Avocados: It is one of the best anti-aging foods that you can find on the market. When it is mixed with ingredients like herbal oils and tea extracts, it can be used as a great body mask. As a result, you will find your skin more hydrated and softer.

Alcohol: Alcohol as we all know can lift up the spirit and help in loosening up. This is the exact effect that you will have with an alcoholic spa treatment. Scrubs are made using bourbon whiskey, red wine, and beer is used in treatments all over the world.

So, now you know what are the foods that you need to add in your spa diet. If you haven’t ever tried any spa treatment which involves food products, now is the time. Consult therapists at Storm spa, and they will be happy to recommend you some great spa treatments.