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Almost all households have modular kitchen in today’s time. Why would anyone not pick modular kitchen over the traditional kitchen? Modular kitchens are ergonomic, convenient, customizable and the list goes on. In contemporary world, where tiny kitchens are everywhere, modular kitchen helps people keep their kitchen organised and clutter free, no matter the size of the kitchen.

Considering installing a modular kitchen into your home interior design? Here are 5 reasons why you must go ahead with your decision and install a modular kitchen in 2023.

Optimum use of kitchen space

Normal kitchens tend to waste a lot of space as you might end up having multiple awkward corners or sore spots which you are not making use of. However, that is not the case with modular kitchens as they are known for their amazing space management. You can pay attention to your kitchen interior design and pick a modular kitchen layout that best fits your kitchen. People who have small kitchens can go for L shaped or U shaped layouts. On the other hand, people who have massive kitchens can opt for island modular kitchen layout.

Customisation is an option

With Asian Paints, you have the option to create your own customised modular kitchen layout which will fit your requirement the best. One of the best things about modular kitchens is that they are flexible. For example, if you want to opt for an L-shaped kitchen layout, but there is a door or a window in the middle of your two walls. You can break the layout and go for a broken L shaped layout instead of a traditional L shaped modular kitchen layout bought from a home decor store.

Easy repair & maintenance

Repairing a modular kitchen is fuss free. Since each section of the modular kitchen bought from a home décor store can be dismantled, repairing it becomes easy and less expensive. Maintaining a modular kitchen is also easy as you can reach almost every tiny nook and corner of it and hence it becomes easy to clean and organise.

Easy to remodel

Shifting to a new place? You can easily dissemble your modular kitchen and take it to your new apartment. Want to spruce up your old modular kitchen? No problem. You can tweak it here and there are design your own modular kitchen. Modular kitchen are versatile and flexible and you can hence add or remove shelves or cabinets from them easily and revamp them.

Great storage

All modular kitchen layouts provide excellent storage options. You have enough cabinets below the counter and above the counter to store your pots, pans and other crockeries and kitchen appliances. A pro tip is to add more open shelves in your kitchen if you are looking for ways to increase the storage space in your new kitchen.

Cost-effective installation

Even though modular kitchens are slightly on the expensive side, installing them is easy and inexpensive. Since they are produced in a way that most of the parts come joint together, installing them barely takes anytime and it doesn’t cost you a fortune. Modular kitchen is a great option for people who don’t have the time to construct a kitchen layout from the scratch yet want a layout where form meets function.


Today, kitchen is no more the place where you only cook. It is the place where you entertain your guests during dinner parties and casual gatherings. Hence, it is important that your kitchen looks chic and gorgeous. Modular kitchen makes it possible for you to have a kitchen that is not just great utility wise but also looks sleek and stylish. Want your kitchen to be the showstopper of your home? Get in touch with the folks at Asian Paints and design your dream modular kitchen layout with the help of their experts.

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