Motorcyclists of today always refer to the internet for articles and forum to guide them on what to expect about their first bike ride. The internet is filled with all good and average points, but we have listed the most helpful ones to get you started. Thank us later.

  1. It is just not enough to have respect for the vehicle

Respecting the moto usagée is probably the most common advice for newbies. Almost any kind of motorcycle can outrun almost any kind of car on the road. The gist is, any newbie would be aware of this and the fact that they don’t hold much of an expertise to handle the bike properly yet. Most riders aren’t popping their wheels and burnout on their first ride as they tend to respect their vehicle so much.

  1. The throttle could be sensitive

A tiny engine with a tiny flywheel is more responsive to the throttle inputs than a huge car engine. Besides that, no experience with the hand throttle signifies that you will be revving the engine frequently. Don’t worry, you need a little practice.

  1. You will hit random buttons frequently and accidently

Many newbies are keen to learn about the controls when learning how to ride a bike. As there are so many controls equipped on your ride, sometimes you will end up hitting the horn when you wanted to signal. Every newbie faces this but as various bikes have equipped controls at various places, it is bound to take some time to get used to it.

  1. The bike runs with stability at higher speeds

When learning to ride a bike, you may ride around the parking lot for quite a while, but once you hit the road with higher speeds, you will be surprised to know how stable your bike is. It wants to stay upright rather than falling over and the faster you ride, the more better the effect is. It is just simple physics related to centrifugal force etc. but you need to ride it in order to understand and feel it.

  1. Downshifting causes more jerks than you expect

Similarly, when you shift to a lower gear that is not a smooth move either, no matter how slowly you do it. there are many techniques like rev matching to fix this, but for newbies, if you aren’t acquainted with that, you need to master the basic bike control first.