When you’re a bike owner, you get to move through heavy traffic and narrow lanes without issues. Along with this, bikes are quite optimal choices for enjoying long scenic routes. But bikes aren’t covered like four-wheelers, so bike owners are more likely to be injured than car owners. Along with this, bikes are quite easy to steal as well. This is why it is important to take the proper steps to protect your vehicle.

One of the best methods to protect your bike from unexpected dangers is getting a bike insurance plan. Purchasing bike insurance is quite simple these days. Insurers like Tata AIG offer online bike insurance in India to help customers. You can also renew your bike insurance through your preferred insurer’s website. However, the bike insurance coverage you get may not provide you coverage for all the situations. Therefore, you can include specific add-ons in your long-term two-wheeler insurance plan for such scenarios.

What are Add-ons in Two-Wheeler Insurance?

Add-ons are additional components that you can include in your base insurance policy for your bike. With add-ons, you get to improve your bike’s coverage. There are several add-ons available in the market designed for specific situations. You can rely on these add-ons to get coverage for specific scenarios.

For instance, the ‘engine secure’ add-on will provide coverage for your bike’s engine if it is damaged due to issues like floods. However, each add-on comes at a specific cost, and including them will lead to a hike in your premium amount. Therefore, you must include only the add-ons that you deem necessary.

Selecting a few can be quite overwhelming with the wide range of bike insurance add-ons available for you. However,you need to include certain add-ons in your bike insurance plan.

Optimal Add-ons for Your Two-Wheeler Insurance

  • Zero depreciation: All bikes on the roads are bound to deteriorate in value and functionality because of regular usage. Because of this loss, your bike will be subjected to constant depreciation. When you file a claim for your vehicle’s repair, the amount of depreciation will be subtracted while providing you with the coverage amount.

The amount you receive after this deduction can be low compared to what you would get without the erosive effect of depreciation. With the zero-depreciation cover, the impact of depreciation is not considered when calculating the claim settlement amount. This can help you get a higher coverage amount if you file a claim. Some insurers allow two or more zero-depreciation claims in a policy period.

  • Return to invoice add-on cover: A return to invoice add-on will help you get the original price of the two-wheeler as mentioned in the invoice. For example, when you own a bike, your bike has a high chance of either getting stolen or being caught in a severe accident.

Since the susceptibility to these events is high, getting the ‘return to invoice’ add-on for your two-wheeler insurance will help you get a higher coverage amount. In addition, if your vehicle is stolen and cannot be found or if your vehicle gets damaged beyond repair, this add-on helps you get the entire amount listed in the vehicle’s invoice.

  • Roadside assistance: If you enjoy long rides on your bike, you may be using it to travel long distances frequently. The regular usage of your vehicle may have an impact on its functionality. While it is important to check your bike before going on a long drive, your bike may break down or face functionality issues without any warnings. Such events can leave you stranded somewhere far away from your home. Getting the necessary help in these situations can be quite difficult.

However, you get the help you need during such situations with a roadside assistance cover. With the roadside assistance coverage, your insurer will send a mechanic to where you are stranded. If the bike cannot be fixed at that location, the mechanic will help you move to the nearest garage. Along with this, the add-on will help you get accommodation for staying the night or arranging for your travel.

  • Consumable item cost coverage: When your bike is moved to a garage, many items are used in the process of fixing the damages. These items involve screws, bolts, nuts, clips, engine oil, oil filter, etc. While these may seem like small parts, they add up to form a large amount when combined.

Unfortunately, companies do not provide compensation for this amount under the general insurance plan. But you can save on the amount by including the consumables add-on cover. With the cover, the costs of the consumables used for the repairing process will be handled by the insurance company.

  • Gearbox and engine protection: Your bike’s gearbox and engine are quite important for your bike’s functionality. Unfortunately, any issues in these two components can bring your bike to a halt. Therefore, you must protect them in your insurance policy as well.

However, a comprehensive bike insurance policy does not include coverage for any damages against your bike’s gearbox or engine. Therefore, with the add-on cover, you are protected against the damages that occur to your engine or your gearbox, regardless of whether your bike was involved in an accident.


With two-wheeler insurance add-ons cover, you get to enhance your existing plan’s coverage for your bike. It is an efficient way to get better coverage for your vehicle. However, you must carefully select the add-ons and choose only those that match your requirements. Of the different add-ons available, certain add-ons like roadside assistance and zero-depreciation cover are important to enhance your bike’s insurance coverage.